Life is Cyclical

I’ve been away from my writing blog for too long!   My life runs in cycles…so every year Mid-August through early October is about getting new students enrolled in my music school and running the massive Salmon Days concert for our tween and teen rock bands.   During this kind of time, my soul passion of writing (and related activities) has to take a backseat.  I could disparage this responsibility, but music pays my bills (so I have time, eventually, to do what I’m doing right now) and as a vocation, it is a very meaningful one.  So I have to accept the cyclical rotation of life focuses throughout my year.  On the other hand, there is a danger in always back-seating one’s avocations.  Keeping after those avocations requires an uncomfortable level of self-imposed pressure and persistence.  Life shouldn’t be totally comfortable, and preserving a regularity of immersion in one’s avocations is often not a comfortable commitment.  You can always find something else that seems to need doing instead. But today I made sure to touch base with my blog, and I’m going to meet with Sandra and Kim (my stellar post-PNWA conference writing group) for the third time tonight.


  • Buck November 16, 2016 Reply

    This sounds very wise. Even in retirement, I need equivalent discipline.

  • Barbara McCrone November 16, 2016 Reply

    Hi Charles, Glad to know you are writing again. My favorite is still your memorial piece to dear Torpedo.


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