Siana’s War is published! (and a little reflection on naming a novel)

So the big and obvious news is Siana’s War is published, or more accurately put Volume One of my Siana trilogy in published. It is available for purchase here:

Siana’s War Kindle ebook version:
Siana’s War paperback version:

I am really excited to share a story that has been a huge part of my life for two decades with a wider readership, and I appreciate any and all feedback… and reviews on Amazon are great too.

I say “Volume One” because even though this novel bears the title Siana’s War I’ve kept the entire evolving trilogy in a Word file called the same. I never decided to call Volume One Siana’s War. It really just happened. When I entered the Pacific Northwest Writers Association contest in 2016, I gave my competing excerpt the name of my trilogy. When that experience led to pitching the concept to agents and editors, the name continued to stick. But it wasn’t ever a conscious decision. Book One of Siana’s War became essentially Siana’s War.

When I started writing the story in 2004, Siana’s name was Eolia—the name of the similar character in an unfinished childhood narrative. I tossed around a bunch of different Welsh names and settled on Siana. But the novel didn’t have a name at first. I don’t recall when Siana’s War became the title, but I do know it was a very spur of the moment discovery, not the result of a long wrangling. I wasn’t looking for a final title, just a working title. But like many aspects of creativity, things we come up with quickly can often be the truest choice. So it stuck and felt right over time.

Now, of course, I’m left with a new dilemma I perhaps should have foreseen. What am I going to call Book Two of the trilogy, having “used up” the very comfortable and appropriate name of Siana’s War? The events of Book Two are not isolated from the concept of my main character’s war. What new noun deserves to take the place of “War”?

Because of course that’s the obvious approach. Siana’s Passion. Siana’s Quest…something like that. Or do I buck the obvious and go with a completely different title? There’s obvious marketing value to leading with “Siana’s”, so that when someone is looking on Amazon they see the three similar names (and hopefully similar covers) of the trilogy.

I think I’ll wait, in the spirit of how I came up with Siana’s War, to see if a new phrase and a new noun pops out for me over the next few months. I’m digging into editing Book Two, so we’ll see what occurs to me as I reread.

And for everyone who checks out Siana’s War on Amazon, thank you so much for your interest!


  • ssemans June 5, 2022 Reply

    Keeping it simple, Siana’s War II and Siana’s War III – looks better with serif font.

    • Charles McCrone June 7, 2022 Reply

      I can get away with that?! It can’t be that simple, or can it….

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